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Same ol'story

Gitaarliedjes, tabs & akkoorden (chords) Same ol'story - Chip Taylor

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Chip Taylor

Chip Taylor


Same ol'story

This Side Of The Big River

Geplaatst door
Chip Taylor

(C)Well there's rights and wrongs and fightin' songs (F)on both sides
(Dm)And each day finds me changin' points of (G)view
(C)One says you've got to hurt to know the (F)feeling
And (Dm)another's fightin' feelings to get (G)through

And I'm (Am)tired of hearing that same ol' (F)story
'Bout (Am)where you've gotta stand to feel your (F)pain
These (C)days it's hard to find a (F)hero
To (Dm)help us helpless (G)fool out of the (C)rain

(C)And my daddy was a golf pro up in (F)Scarsdale
And (Dm)he worked his tail off six days a (G)week
You (C)can't plant no taters with your (F)golfclub
But them (Dm)city boys would listen when he'd (G)speak

And I'm (Am)tired of hearing that same ol' (F)story
'Bout (Am)where you've gotta stand to feel your (F)pain
And (C)there's a truck stop on the wrong side of (F)glory
And (Dm)it's filled with fools (G)waiting for a (C)train

(C)And I heard some cowboy singing 'bout his (F)Indians
Pre-(Dm)war, free bore, pre-faded (G)Jeans
Like (C)he thinks that there's a chance we wouldn't (F)win again
If the (Dm)whole world understood this song he (G)sings

And I'm (Am)tired of hearing that same ol' (F)story
'Bout (Am)where you've gotta stand to feel your (F)pain
And I (C)listened an he never did as(F)sure me
That (Dm)he wasn't sellin' (G)wholesale turquoise (C)rings

(C)Now the troops have all withdrawn from Southeast (F)Asia
And the (Dm)Swiss banks got the bullion left by (G)Thieu
And (C)we've rescued every blessed soul for (F)savin'
And we'll (Dm)adopt the ones that (G)look like me and (C)you

And I'm (Am)tired of hearing that same ol' (F)story
And (Am)I wonder if I'll always feel the (F)pain
God (C)bless the ones that don't and do so much (F)for those that do
And God (Dm)damn the ones that keep this world in(C)sane

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Gitaarakkoorden Chip Taylor - Same ol'story

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