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Fit for a king

Gitaarliedjes, tabs & akkoorden (chords) Fit for a king - garth brooks

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garth brooks

garth brooks


Fit for a king


Geplaatst door
justin lyle marcus

Intro D

(D)His pulpits a corner
On 19th and Main
(G)His grip on the gospel
His one claim to fame(D)

(D)He hurls fire and brimstone
At the cars passing by
(G)And he offers salvation(D)
(A)For the savior on high(D)

(D)His khakis are tatered
And he aint bathed in weeks
(G)His bout with the bottle
Shows up on his cheeks(D)

(D)He looks like a scarecrow
A sight to behold
(G)As he work for the shepherd(D)
(A)Bringin' lambs to the fold(D)

(C)He points to the (G)bible
(D)He holds in his hands
(G)Says I'm proof that the (D)good lord
(E)Can save any (G)man

(D)Son it ain't what you're drivin
(G)Or the clothes that you wear(D)
(D)Material possessions
(G)Won't matter up there(A)
(D)And someday in heaven
When the Angels all sing(G)
(D)These rags that I'm wear'n
(A)Will be fit for a king(C)(G)(D)

(D)He's fighting a fever
In spite of the chill
(G)He pulls up his collar
And he speaks of God's will(D)

(D)His body is weakened
But his faith is still strong
(G)For he's filled with conviction(D)
(A)For the mission he's on(D)

(C)He knows soon in heaven(G)
(D)He'll be homeless no more
(G)And his work will soon echo(D)
(E)From that far distant shore


*(D)And some day in heaven
When the angles all sing(G
(D)These rags that I'm wearing
(A)Will be fit for a king(C)(G)(D)

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Gitaarakkoorden garth brooks - Fit for a king

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