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Gitaarliedjes, tabs & akkoorden (chords) Blunderbuss - Jack White

Songtype: Chords

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Jack White

Jack White




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Jack White

(D)I had my dream I (C)held your hand on (G)that broad ave(D)nue
(D)We crossed the road And (C)never spoke to (G)another as we (D)flew
(D)We left your man (C)alone in drag (G)laughing there at (D)us
(D)A romantic bust a (C)blunder turned (G)explosive blunder(D)buss

(D) (C) (G) (D) 2X

(D)An ancient grand (C)hotel of Persian (G)thread and ivo(D)ry
(D)And when your man would (C)turn his head I'd (G)see you look at (D)me
(D)Pools of brown and (C)sea of red and (G)demons in your poc(D)ket
(D)That same romance (C)Performed a dance (G)inside your silver loc(D)ket

(D) (C) (G) (D)
Da da da da da da
(D) (C) (G) (D)
Da da da da da da

(D)A corner exit not (C)tall enough to (G)walk out standing (D)straight
(D)Designed by men so (C)ladies would have to (G)lean back in their (D)gate
(D)You grabbed my arm and (C)left with me but (G)you were not allowed (D)to
(D)You took me to a (C)public place to (G)quietly blend (D)into

(D)Such a trick (C)pretending not to be (G)doing what you want (D)to
(D)But seems like every(C)body does this (G)every waking mo(D)ment

(D) (C) (G) (D) 2X

(D)I laid you down and (C)touched you like the (G)two of us both need(D)ed
(D)Safe to say that (C)others might not (G)approve of this and plea(D)ded
(D)So selfish them would (C)be their cry and (G)who'd be brave to ar(D)gue?
(D)Doin' what two (C)people need is (G)never on the (D)menu

(D) (C) (G) (D) 2X

(D) (C) (G) (D)
Da da da da da da
(D) (C) (G) (D)
Da da da da da da

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Gitaarakkoorden Jack White - Blunderbuss

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