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Coming Back To You

Gitaarliedjes, tabs & akkoorden (chords) Coming Back To You - leonard cohen

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leonard cohen

leonard cohen


Coming Back To You

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Geplaatst door
Leonard Cohen


(F)Maybe I'm still (Dm)hurting I (Bb)can't turn (C/G)the other (F)cheek
But you know that I still (Dm)love you it's (C/G)just that (Bb)I can't (F)speak
I (Bb)looked for you in (F)everyone and they (A)called me on that (Bb)too
I (F)lived alone but (Dm)I was only (Bb)coming (C)back to (F)you

They're shutting down the (Dm)factory now just when (Bb)all the (C/G)bills are (F)due
And the fields they're under (Dm)lock and key Though the (C/G)rain and the (Bb)sun come (F)through
And (Bb)springtime starts but (F)then it stops in the (A)name of something (Bb)new
And (F)all the senses (Dm)rise against this (Bb)coming (C)back to (F)you

And they're (Bb)handing down my (F)sentence now and I (Bb)know what I must (F)do
An(A)other mile of (Bb)silence while I'm (G)coming back to (C)you
(F)There are many (Dm)in your life and (Bb)many (A)still to (F)be
Since you are a (Dm)shining light there's (C/G)many (Bb)that you'll (F)see
(Bb)But I have to deal (F)with envy when (A)you choose the precious (Bb)few
Who've (F)left their pride on the (Dm)other side of (Bb)coming (C)back to (F)you

(Bb)(F)(Bb)(F) (A)(Bb)(G)(C)

(F)Even in your (Dm)arms I (Bb)know I'll (C/G)never get it (F)right
Even when you (Dm)bend to give me (C/G)comfort (Bb)in the (F)night
I've (Bb)got to have your (F)word on this or (A)none of it is (Bb)true
And (F)all I've said was (Dm)just instead of (Bb)coming (C)back to (F)you

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Gitaarakkoorden leonard cohen - Coming Back To You

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Tabs & Chords van leonard cohen - Coming Back To You

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