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Night Comes On

Gitaarliedjes, tabs & akkoorden (chords) Night Comes On - leonard cohen

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leonard cohen

leonard cohen


Night Comes On

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Geplaatst door
Leonard Cohen

I (D)went down to the (G)place where I (D)knew she lay waiting
Under the (G)marble and the (A)snow
I said (D)Mother I'm (G)frightened the (D)thunder and the lightning
I'll never come (G)through this a(A)lone
She (G)said I'll be (C)'with you my (G)shawl wrapped (C)around you
My (G)hand on your (C)head when you (G)go
And the (D)night came on it was (Am)very calm, I (F)wanted the night to go (C)on and on
But she (G)said go back, go back to the (D)world (G) (D)

We were (D)fighting in (G)Egypt when they (D)signed this agreement
That nobody (G)else had to (A)die
There was this (D)terrible (G)sound and my (D)father went down
With a terrible (G)wound in his (A)side
He said (G)try to go (C)on take my (G)books take my (C)gun
Re(G)member my (C)son how they (G)lied
And the (D)night comes on it's (Am)very calm
I'd (F)like to pretend that my (C)father was wrong
But you (G)don't want to lie, not to the (D)young (G) (D)

We were (D)locked in this (G)kitchen I (D)took to religion
And I wondered how (G)long she would (A)stay
I (D)needed so (G)much to have (D)nothing to touch, I've always been (G)greedy that (A)way
But my (G)son and my (C)daughter climbed (G)out of the (C)water
Crying (G)Papa you (C)promised to (G)play
And they (D)lead me away to the (Am)great surprise
It's (F)Papa don't peek, Papa (C)cover your eyes
And they (G)hide, they hide in the (D)world (G) (D)

Now I (D)look for her (G)always I'm (D)lost in this calling
I'm tied to the (G)threads of some (A)prayer
Saying (D)when will she (G)summon me (D)when will she come to me
What must I (G)do to pre(A)pare
When she (G)bends to my (C)longing like a (G)willow like a (C)fountain
She (G)stands in the (C)luminous (G)air
And the (D)night comes on it's (Am)very calm
I (F)lie in her arms, she (C)says when I'm gone
I'll be (G)yours, yours for a (D)song (G) (D)

Now the (D)crickets are (G)singing, the (D)vesper bells ringing
The cat's curled as(G)leep in his (A)chair
I'll go (D)down to Bill's (G)Bar, I can (D)make it that far
And I'll see if my (G)friends are still (A)there
Yes and (G)here's to the (C)few who for(G)give what you (C)do
And the (G)fewer who (C)don't even (G)care
And the (D)night comes on, it's (Am)very calm
I (F)want to cross over I (C)want to go home
But she (G)says go back, go back to the (D)world (G) (D)

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