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Gitaarliedjes, tabs & akkoorden (chords) Teachers - leonard cohen

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leonard cohen

leonard cohen



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Geplaatst door
Leonard Cohen

I (Am)met a woman (F)long ago I (Am)spent my hatred (F)everyplace
Her (Am)hair the black that (F)black can go On (Am)every work on (F)every face
Are (Am)you a teacher (F)of the heart? Some(Am)one gave me (F)wishes
(Am)Soft she answered no And I (Am)wished for an embrace

I (Am)met a girl a(F)cross the sea Several girls em(F)braced me
Her (Am)hair the gold that (F)gold can be Then (Am)I was em(F)braced by men
Are (Am)you a teacher (F)of the heart? Is (Am)my passion (F)perfect?
(Am)Yes, but not for thee No, (Am)do it once again

I met a man who (F)lost his mind I was handsome, (F)I was strong
In (Am)some lost place I (F)had to find I (Am)knew the words of (F)every song
(Am)Follow me the (F)wise man (AM)said Did (Am)my singing (F)please you?
But he walked behind No, (Am)the words you sang were wrong

I walked into a (F)hospital Who is it whom (F)I address
Where (Am)none was sick and (F)none was well Who (Am)takes down what (F)I confess?
When (Am)at night the (F)nurses left Are (Am)you the teachers (F)of my heart?
I (Am)could not walk at all We (Am)teach old hearts to rest

Morning came and (F)then came noon Oh teachers are my (F)lessons done?
(Am)Dinner time a (F)scalpel blade I (Am)cannot do an(F)other one
Lay (Am)beside my (F)silver (Am)spoon They (Am)laughed and laughed and (F)said, Well child
Are (Am)your lessons done?
Some girls wander (F)by mistake Are your lessons done?
In(Am)to the mess that (F)scalpels make Are your lessons done?
Are (Am)you the teachers (F)of my heart?
We (Am)teach old hearts to break

One morning I woke (F)up alone
The (Am)hospital and the (F)nurses gone
Have (Am)I carved e(F)nough my Lord?
Child, (Am)you are a bone

I ate and ate and (F)ate
No I (Am)did not miss a (F)plate, well
How (Am)much do these (F)suppers cost?
We'll (Am)take it out in hate

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Gitaarakkoorden leonard cohen - Teachers

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