House fot sale

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margriet eshuis

margriet eshuis


House fot sale

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House fot sale

Verse 1:
C E7 Am
The sign went up one rainy mornin' just a couple of hours after dawn.
C G G7 Am
Mrs. Hanley peeked out thru her curtains, wond'rin' what was goin' on.
E E7
The neighbours said over coffee cups, that nice young couple is breakin' up.

Verse 2:
In the livin' room the crystal and the linen sit all packed and set to go.
I tell myself once more I won't be here this spring to see my roses grow.
And all the things you tried to fix, the roof still leaks, the door still sticks.

F Am F E7 Am
House for sale! You can read it on the sign, House for sale.
F E7
It was yours and it was mine,
Am D Dm
And tomorrow some strangers will be climbin' up the stairs,
E7 Am
To the bedroom filled with dreams the one we used to share.

Verse 3:
I know you always loved that painting,
From that funny little shop in Spain.
Remember how we found it,
When we ducked in from that sudden summer rain.
But I think I'll keep the silver tray,
My mother gave us on our wedding day.


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Gitaarakkoorden margriet eshuis - House fot sale

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