Father and friend

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alain clark

alain clark


Father and friend


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Ok ik heb meerdere tabs hiervan gezien en deze waren ERG fout. Hierbij de goede.

Capo op 3 (chords dus relative to capo)

G - Am7 - C - D
Alain: O, Papa sit down and hear my song.
O and if you feel like it then please sing along
No nothing that I wanna say, I haven't said before.
But to use your words, you can never be to sure.

C - D
See, even though. I don't always show.. I'm glad that you're around.

G - Am7 - C - D
Say I'm glad that you around.

Father: O sonny, so strange, to hear and see
that someone so different is a soul like me.
You may have gone right, where I would have gone left.
But son, that's alright, I will always have your back.

C - D
See even though I don't always show.
I'm proud of you, my son.

G - Am7 - C - D

Dbm7 - Am7/F# - F - E7
Both: Old days and all of the new wanting to be like you

A - B7 - D - E
Every time I look at you I see myself. I'm so proud of you.
For you help make me what I am. A better man. I'm just so proud of you.

G - Am7 - C - D
Alain: O dad, your views in life tell me how they came to be.

Father: Well see, I didn't know my father like the way that you know me.
Son, life is just too short for us never be in touch.

Alain: So that's why I Wanna tell you that I love you very much.

C - D
Even though, I don't always show. You know
and I want you to know that.

A - B7 - D - E
Both: Every time I look at you. I see myself. I'm so proud of you.
For you help make me what I am. A better man. I'm just so proud of you.

Fahter: I'm here and I'll be if I can a father and a friend.

Both: Every time I look at you. I see myself. And I'm so proud of you.
For you help make me what I am a son and a friend. I'm just so proud of you.

Alain: You know that one day too I'll be walking in your shoes ...

Father: And I'll know that you'll do fine, cause you're a son of mine..

Alain: O, dear papa tell me what you've learned, so that I don't get my fingers burned...

Father: Son you'll see that as you go you'll make mistakes of your own.
But that's ok man, see you live and you learn.
You live and you learn.

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