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(G)  (F)     (C)  (G)   2X

(C)Born in Red Hook, (D)Brooklyn, in the (C)year of who knows (G)when    t
(C)Opened up his (D)eyes to the (C)tune of an accord(G)ion
(C)Always on the (D)outside  (C)of whatever side there (G)was
When they (Em)asked him why it had to (G)be that way,
Well, (C)he answered,(CB) just (Am)because.

(C)Larry was the (D)oldest, (C)Joey was next to (G)last.
(C)They called Joe (D)Crazy, (C)the baby they called Kid (G)Blast.
(C)Some say they lived off (D)gambling and (C)runnin' numbers (G)too.
It always (Em)seemed they got caught (G)between the (C)mob and (CB)the men in (Am)blue.

(G)Joey,(C)  Joey,(Am)
(G)King of the (Em)streets, (C)child of (Am)clay.
(G)Joey,(C) Joey,(Am)
(G)What made them (F)want to come and (C)blow you (Am)away?

(G)  (F)     (C)  (G)   x2

(C)There was talk they killed their (D)rivals, but the (C)truth was far from (G)that
(C)No one ever (D)knew for sure where (C)they were really(G) at.
(C)When they tried to strangle (D)Larry, (C)Joey almost hit the (G)roof.
He went (Em)out that night to (G)seek revenge, (C)thinkin' he was (CB)bullet(Am)proof.

(C)The war broke out at the (D)break of dawn, (C)it emptied out the (G)streets
(C)Joey and his (D)brothers suffered (C)terrible (G)defeats
(C)Till they ventured out be(D)hind the lines and (C)took five priso(G)ners.
They stashed (Em)them away in a (G)basement, (C)called them (CB)ama(Am)teurs.

(C)The hostages were (D)tremblin' when they (C)heard a man ex(G)claim,
(C)Let's blow this place to (D)kingdom come, let (C)Con Edison
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