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Maggie May

Gitaarliedjes, tabs & akkoorden (chords) Maggie May - rod stewart

Songtype: Chords

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rod stewart

rod stewart


Maggie May

Every picture tells a story

Geplaatst door
Rod Stewart en Martin Quittenton

(D)(Em)(G)(D) (D)(D)

(A)Wake up Maggie I (G)think I've got something to (D)say to you
It's (A)late September and I (G)really should be (D)back at school
I (G)know I keep you (D)amused But I (G)feel I'm being (A)used
Oh (Em)Maggie I couldn’t have (F#m)tried any (Em)more (Asus)(A)
You (Em)led me away from (A)home just to (Em)save you from being (A)alone
You (Em)stole my heart, and (A)that's what really (D)hurts

(A)The morning sun when (G)it's in your face (D)really shows your age
But (A)that don't worry me (G)none, in my eyes you're (D)everything
I (G)laughed at all your (D)jokes, my (G)love you didn't need to (A)coax
Oh (Em)Maggie I couldn’t have (F#m)tried any (Em)more (Asus)(A)
You led (Em)me away from (A)home just to (Em)save you from being (A)alone
You (Em)stole my soul that's a (A)pain I can do (D)without

(A)All I needed was a (G)friend to lend a (D)guiding hand
But you (A)turned into a lover and (G)mother what a lover you (D)wore me out
(G)All you did was wreck my (D)bed And in the (G)morning kick me in the (A)head
Oh (Em)Maggie I couldn’t have (F#m)tried any (Em)more (Asus)(A)
You (Em)led me away from (A)home 'cause you (Em)didn't want to be (A)alone
You (Em)stole my heart I couldn't (A)leave you if I (D)tried

(Em)(G)(D) (Em)(G)(D)

I (A)suppose I should (G)collect my books and get (D)back to school
Or (A)steal my daddy's (G)cue make a living out of (D)playing pool
Or (G)find myself a rock and roll (D)band that (G)needs a helping (A)hand
Oh (Em)Maggie, I wish I'd (F#m)never seen your (Em)face (Asus)(A)
You made a (Em)first class fool out of (A)me, but I'm as (Em)blind as a fool can (A)be
You (Em)stole my heart but I (A)love you any(D)way

(Em)(G)(D) (Em)(G)(D)

(D) (Em) (G) (D) 5X

(D)Maggie, I (Em)wish I’d (G)never seen your (D)face

(D) (Em) (G) (D)

(D)I’ll get on back (Em)home, (G)one of these (D)days

(D) (Em) (G) (D)
(D) (Em) (G) (D)

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Gitaarakkoorden rod stewart - Maggie May

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