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tenacious d

tenacious d




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Intro + verse

Am G F | Am G F
D F C G F | D F C G F


This is the greatest and best song in the world.

A long time ago
Me and my brother Kyle, here...
we was hitchhiking down
A long and lonesome road

all of a sudden
There shined a shiny demon
In the middle of the road

And he said:
"Play the best song in the world
Or I'll eat your soul"

Well, me and Kyle
We looked at each other
And we each said:

And we played the first thing that came to our heads
Just so happened to be
The BEST song in the world
It was the best song in the world

Look in to my eyes and it's easy to see
one and one make two , and two and one make three
It was destiny.
one's every 100.000 year's or so when the sun
don't shine and the moon don't grow
And the grass don't grow

needless to say
The beast was stunned
A whip crack with his ruppy tail
And the beast was done.

He asked us: groink
"Be you angels?"
And we said:
"NAY! We are but men!
This is not
The greatest song in the world, no.
This is just a tribute!
Couldn't remember
The greatest song in the world, no
But this is a tribute!

To the greatest song in the world right
It was the greatest song in the world right
You know it was the best song
It was the greatest song in the world

And the peculiar thing is this my friends:
the song we played on that faithfull night.
It didn't actually sound anything like this song
This is just a tribute.
You've gotta believe it.
And I wish you were there.
It's just a matter of opinion

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