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The girl from yesterday

Gitaarliedjes, tabs & akkoorden (chords) The girl from yesterday - the eagles

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the eagles

the eagles


The girl from yesterday

the eagles 1994

Geplaatst door
mystery popstar

INTRO: | C-Bm7-Am7|G |D Dsus2-D|G |D Am7-D7-


|G |G7 |C |./.
It wasn't really sad the way they said goodbye.

|D |D7 |G |D Dsus2-D-
Or maybe it just hurt so bad she couldn't cry.

|G |G7 |C |
He packed his things, walked out the door and drove away.

C Bm7-Am7|G |D |G |D Am7-D7-
And she became the girl from yester-day.


|G |G7 |C |./.
He took a plane a-cross the sea to some foreign land.

|D |D7 |G |D Dsus2-D-
She stayed at home and tried so hard to understand.

|G |G7 |C |C Bm7-
How someone who had been so close could be so far a-way.

Am7|G |D |G |G D-Am7-
And she became the girl from yester-day.


|D |./. |C C9 |G
She doesn't know what's right, she doesn't know what’s wrong.

|G D |Em7 G |C |D
She only knows the pain that comes from waiting for so long.

|C |G
And she doesn't count the teardrops.

|C |G
That she's cried while he's a-way.

|Em D |C G
Be-cause she knows deep in her heart,

|Am7 A7- |Dsus4 |D |
That he'll be back some-day.


|G |G7 |C |C Bm7-Am7|

|G |D Dsus2-D|G |E Bm7-E7-


|A |A7 |D |./. |
The light's on in the window, she's waiting by the phone.

E |E7 |A |Esus4 E
Talking to a memory, that's never coming home.

|A |A7
She dreams of his re-turning,

|D |D C#m7-
and the things that he might say

Bm7- |A |E |A |Bm7
But she’ll always be, the girl from yester-day.
|A |E |D C#m7-Bm7|A
Yeah she'll always be, the girl from yester-day.

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Gitaarakkoorden the eagles - The girl from yesterday

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